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Medium Voltage Jointer Training Courses
(Based within the UK. Overseas courses available upon request)

We cannot stress enough the importance of installing medium voltage cable accessories correctly. More importantly though are the cable preparation techniques employed.

Good cable preparation and subsequent product installation will provide many years of trouble free life. Poor cable preparation can lead to early product failure and this is the same for all manufacturers' products. See Fault Analysis for some examples of poor installation techniques.

Recognising the need and lack of training courses available, Shrink Polymer Systems have put together some courses that fulfil this need.

Below are some of the courses available. These are conducted by very experienced jointer trainers, who have worked as cable jointers for many years with major UK and overseas electricity companies before moving into full time training roles that have resulted in training many new jointers around the world.

Note: please be aware that attending a course does not automatically entitle the attendee to be awarded a certificate of competence. Each participant will be taught the relevant electrical theory as well as hands on practical jointing skills.

He or she will subsequently have to prove that they have understood what they have been taught and then by using the correct tools, the participant will be expected to install cable joints and terminations correctly and will be assessed on the application of these skills. Only if they meet the required standard will they be issued with a certificate of competence.

Modern Jointing Techniques 1 Day

A one day taster session showcasing modern cable jointing techniques which are common place around the world. This one day course will show the best practice techniques used for cable preparation and material installation which can lead to increased life expectancy of the joint or termination. A certificate of attendance will be provided.

Jointer Training up to 36kV 4 Days

Preparation of cables and installation of joints and terminations up to 36kV. This would suit jointers mates with some knowledge of cable jointing. Upon the completion of the course the delegate is required to work under supervision of a cable jointer for a period of at least 2 months before returning for an assessment. A certificate of attendance will be provided to which would then be upgraded to a certificate of competence upon successful completion of assessment.

Jointer Training and Assessment up to 36kV 4 Days

Suitable for experienced jointers wanting to gain certification in the use of modern techniques the course will consist of theory and practical sessions. The theory sessions explain what stress control is and why it’s used, common installation errors that can lead to shorter life expectancy. The practical sessions will enable the jointer to familiarise themselves with the new techniques and the making of joints and terminations. The assessment will take place at the end of the course and will consist of the jointer making a termination and straight joint under assessment conditions. A certificate of competence will be awarded on successful completion of the course. Upon failing the course a certificate of attendance will be awarded and re-assessment can be undertaken after minimum 2 months.

Jointer Assessment 1 Day

Suitable for experienced jointers who do not hold any certificates to prove their skills, or for revalidation of a previous certificate of competence that has expired. The jointers will be expected to undertake a joint and termination using modern jointing techniques whilst using the correct tooling for the job.

Note: please only book this course if you are very confident that your jointers have been previously trained and can carry out installations correctly to a high standard. It is expected that each person attending is equipped with all the necessary tools for the job including a semi-conductive screen removal tool.

Training Sheeets

Do's and Don'ts of Medium Voltage Cable Jointing

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Jointer Tip Sheet

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First Steps to Reliability

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Spacings Advice

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Medium Voltage Cable Accessories published article

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