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crimp lugs and ferrules for heat shrink cable joints
Low Voltage Mechanical Shearbolt

MV Copper Crimp Lugs and Ferrules Suitable for use up to 19/33kV

Manufactured from high purity copper tube, annealed and tin plated. Compatible with the majority of tooling on the market today.

MV Aluminium Crimp Lugs and Ferrules suitable for use up to 33kV

Manufactured from high purity aluminium. The barrels are capped and filled with grease to avoid oxidisation of the aluminium.

MV Mechanical Shearbolt Terminal Lugs and Ferrules Shrink

Polymer Systems offers a range of high quality mechanical shearbolt lugs and ferrules for use on medium voltage cables to 33kV. The range has successfully passed tests to IEC 1238-1 and has been tested with our own medium voltage joints to BS 7888 and Cenelec 628 S1 and 629.1 S1.

Low Voltage Copper Crimp Lugs and Ferrules

Manufactured in the UK from the highest quality seamless copper tube to BS 2871/C106. Designed, manufactured and tested to comply with BS 4579.

Low Voltage Mechanical Shearbolt Connectors

Ideal for situations where exact conductor sizes are not known or where joining copper to aluminium conductors.

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Heatshrink Product Catalogue

Our range of heat shrinkable insulation products is extensive and grows almost daily with the addition of new heatshrink kits for specific applications or variations on standard products. Therefore the general catalogue is just a guide to what we can offer. Our latest catalogue is available as a PDF download (5.4 MB).

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