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Heatshrink Joints

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heatshrink joint

We have an extensive range of heatshrink joints to suit all types of electrical cables, whether single or multi-core, with or without armour or lead sheaths. Even zero halogen and fire resistant joints are available.

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Triplex 12kV Joints
Universal Heatshrink/Resin Joint 7.2/12kV
Universal Heatshrink Joint 7.2/12kV
3 Core Joints XLPE / PILC 17.5-33kV
Single Core Joints XLPE / PILC
Earthing / Cross Bonding on Single Cores
MV Live Pot End / Abandonment Kits
Cold Shrink Joints 7.2 -33kV
LV Joints for XLPE / PILC Cables
Zero Halogen / Fire Resistant Joints
Airfield Lighting and Traffic Control Joints
LV Live Pot End / Abandonment Kits



Heatshrink Product Catalogue

Our range of heat shrinkable insulation products is extensive and grows almost daily with the addition of new heatshrink kits for specific applications or variations on standard products. Therefore the general catalogue is just a guide to what we can offer. Our latest catalogue is available as a PDF download (5.4 MB).

heat shrink insulation product catalogue View Catalogue