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Live Pot End Kits Single Core Xlpe MV Cables

Some times, cables have to be installed and left live for use at a later date on planned expansions of the electrical network. Fitting an end cap isn't the answer, a live pot end should be used.

Here is a training video on our range of heatshrink live pot end kits for single core medium voltage xlpe or epr cables. The video shows the 6.35/11(12kV) system but with the addition of extra insulation build up tubes and some dimensional changes, the kit is then suitable for 17.5/24/36kV systems.

Kits are also available for 3 core cables including older paper cables.

Zero Halogen Heatshrink Joints type SP NHF and SPA NHF

Here is a training video on our range of low voltage heatshrink zero halogen cable joints. These have been fully tested and comply with Transport For London (TFL) / London Underground specifications.

Developed in conjunction with Sumitomo, these joints meet the toughest standards in the world and utilising the same family of materials, we can offer joint kits for all cable types used whether they be for power, signal or telecom applications.

With the addition of mica tape, our zero halogen joints become fire resistant joints and we have a test report available.


A training video for our 11kV heatshrink transition trifurcating joint for 3 core pilc to 3 x single core xlpe cables. We also have versions for 3 core to 3 core, xlpe to xlpe all of which can be supplied with shell and resin if preferred.

3 Core Outdoor type Heatshrink 11kV Termination with Armour Earthing

Here is a training video we made showing the installation of one of our heatshrink 11kV xlpe outdoor type terminations. It also shows the installation of the outdoor armour earth kit.

The bracket and standoff insulators shown are also available. Longer tail lengths can be supplied. We also show the use of tools to remove the semi-conductive screen to produce a reliable termination.

Single Core 33kV Xlpe Termination

This is a training video for single core medium voltage heatshrink terminations

Heatshrink Joint 3 Core 11kV Xlpe Cable

This is a video we recently made of our heatshrink joint for 3 core 6.35/11(12kV) xlpe cable. We also have joints for 3 core pilc, transition versions and trifurcating versions up to 19/33(36kV).

Removing the Semi Conductive Screen on Polymeric Medium Voltage Cables

When installing medium voltage heatshrink joints and terminations, correct cable preparation is vital to ensure long term reliability. This is a short video on how we recommend how to remove semi-conductive screens on xlpe cables.

Heatshrink Joint to suit Single Core 33kV Xlpe Cable

Training video on installation of Heatshrink Joint for Single Core 33kV Xlpe Cable

Semi Conductive Screen Removal on Medium Voltage Cables

Semi Conductive Screen removal on medium voltage cables.

Training Sheeets

Do's and Don'ts of Medium Voltage Cable Jointing

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Jointer Tip Sheet

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First Steps to Reliability

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Spacings Advice

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Medium Voltage Cable Accessories published article

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