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Welcome to Shrink Polymer Systems - suppliers of quality Heat Shrink Cable Joints, Terminations and Cable Accessories - LV and 11kV to 33kV

If you are looking for cheap heatshrink tubing, cable joints and terminations, then you have come to the wrong place! You can buy cheaper products than ours but we believe that you will pay more in the long run. To find out why, please read our...

Quality Statement


Why choose us for your Heat shrink Cable Joints and Terminations?

We never compromise the design of our finished kits by either designing out cost or using cheap components to lower it. What we sell works and will continue to do so for the life of the cable. We are still here today because our products stand the test of time.

We are competitive but above all, it’s our commitment to quality, service and backup that makes SPS the wise choice

Established in 1990, we are the partner of choice for many large internationally recognised companies, who come to us not only for competitive solutions but for technical backup and service, which includes heatshrink cable jointer training and cable joint or termination failure analysis. We export worldwide and are always looking for experienced agents or even joint venture partners.

Whether by phone, email or by site visits, we are here to provide solutions to challenging problems as well as standard applications. Our highly experienced team have many decades of combined experience in this field. If you are looking for an alternative supplier to Raychem for your heatshrink tubing and cable joints, then look no further. Shrink Polymer Systems, like Raychem, is a company that creates rather than copies.

Technical Support

Our personnel are highly experienced in every aspect of heatshrink insulation are able to advise about any product application from our extensive range of cable joints, tubing and electrical terminations, or discuss development of new applications.

Technical Support can be provided in the form of product familiarisation presentations that are designed to help promote the required product installation skills.

heatshrink cable joints


  • Heatshrink cable joints
  • Heatshrink and cold shrink terminations
  • Busbar insulation tube
  • Heatshrink glands
  • Universal cold applied bushing boots
  • Under water joint kits
  • Shipwiring joints
  • Fire resistant joints and zero halogen LSF Joints for London Underground
  • Extensive range of approved heatshrink kits for UK rail network (PDF) >